Providing daily boat trips to St Kilda from the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland since 2005.



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When you go on a day trip with Kilda Cruises we can guarantee that you will see extraordinary and beautiful wildlife in one of the world’s most unspoilt environments.

From your vantage point on board the Hirta or Orca III you are likely to see dolphins, basking sharks, minke whales and, occasionally, orca (killer whales) as well as graceful birds including sea eagles and golden eagles. The clear waters of the Atlantic are a superb habitat for many species of aquatic life.



Bird life

Sea life

Each island has its own character, be it with flawless white beaches, carpets of tiny wild flowers or animal life unique to that island. For example, a day trip to St Kilda is a lifetime’s ambition for many, filled with anticipation and excitement. Wherever you go, allow yourself to become absorbed by the tranquility and the magnificent variety of animal and plant species in one of the last great wildernesses.


  • St Kilda - puffin, gannet, guillemot, petrels, St Kilda wren, fulmar, Soay sheep, St Kilda field mouse, rare flowering plants and lichens, whales, shark and dolphins.

  • Shiant Isles - puffin, kittiwakes, fulmar, guillemot, razorbills, golden eagle, oystercatchers, seals, blue shark.

  • Monach Isles - National Nature Reserve with large colony of grey seals, also terns, herons and fulmars and numerous species of beautiful wild flowers and plants.

  • Rona - Natural Nature Reserve with fulmar, petrel, guillemot, puffin and grey seals. Also extensive rare plant life.

Land Animals