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Our Boat

The Kilda Cruises boat is a large, powerful and comfortable vessel providing day trips to St Kilda. It offers seating for 12 people inside and also plenty of space for passengers to move freely outside while circumnavigating Borerary and the sea stacks. With with seating outside for 12 as well you can sit and relax and take in the scenery in the comfort that your photos will be steady and unblurred. WC facilities are also on board. Your safety and comfort are our priority so the vessel is fully equipped with lifejackets being supplied to all passengers.


A cruise on board the Hirta provides the perfect platform to experience the wildlife and land/seascape of the St Kilda archipelago and the Outer Hebrides. You will be delighted by what you see on the cruise and will not want such a unique voyage to come to an end. 


For further details about Hirta, follow this link. 

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