01. Where do the trips leave from?

Kilda Cruises depart from leave from Leverburgh Pier in South Harris. On entering Leverburgh follow the signs for the Sound of Harris Ferry. We leave from the Fisherman's Pier adjacent to the Ferry Terminal.


For a more detailed map of Leverburgh see Google Maps.


02. What time of year do the trips run?

Our trips usually commence mid-April and run throughout the summer until mid-September. In 2023 the first trip is scheduled for the 21st of April and the last trip is scheduled for the 22nd September. We aim to run three trips a week but we can run trips everyday as long as the weather allows (see FAQ number 4). 


Boat trips to St Kilda - Leverburgh, Isle of Harris
03. How long is the journey and how much time will I get ashore? 



8am - Depart Leverburgh, Harris


10.45am (Approx) - Arrive St Kilda



Passengers are greeted by a National Trust for Scotland warden and are then free to explore the island at their leisure. Each passenger receives a map of Hirta detailing points of historical interest, and a suggested route to take for a tour on foot. The church, schoolroom and museum are available and well worth a visit to discover more about the unique way of life of the islanders.


3.30pm - Return to vessel for tea, coffee and fresh homebaking

4.00pm - Depart Village Bay for tour of the stacks and Boreray


We will also tour the towering stacks around the islands revealing the awe inspiring scale of the cliffs and the colonies of sea birds circling high above.


5.00pm -  Depart Boreray for Leverburgh


7.30pm (approx) Arrive at Leverburgh, Harris


04. Explain the 'two day booking window'

We reserve two days for each booking to allow for a back up day incase the weather is poor. Monday/Tuesday counts as the first possible booking, Wednesday/Thursday as the second and Friday/Saturday as the third. We do not run trips on Sunday. 


For example, if you book the Monday but we are not able to go, then you have priority for the Tuesday. We also take 'standby bookings' for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays but these bookings are dependent on the priority group getting out on the initial day.



05. What do I need to bring on the day of my trip? 


Passengers are required to take a packed lunch and wear warm, waterproof clothing.  The ground is quite soft when off the village path and good waterproof walking boots are needed if hill walking is intended. Tea and coffee is available on board the vessel in Village Bay. There is a small souvenir shop on the island run by the National Trust for Scotland so you may want to bring money for that. 

06. Is there WC facilities on board?

There is a WC on board and toilet facilities on the island for the use of passengers.


07. How do I pay?

A trip to St Kilda costs £245, 14s and under will be charged at £215. A £100 deposit is required in advance to confirm a booking. The rest of the payment can be made on the day of your trip. There is a card machine on board or you can pay by cash or cheque. If the trip is cancelled, we will refund you the deposit which we can either do in the Kilda Cruises office in Tarbert or we can also do it remotely over the phone. Please note that we are not permitted to retain card details so we request that you contact us via the methods above if a refund is required.


Please click here to see our Terms and Conditions.

08. What wildlife will I see?

We can guarantee that you will see thousands of seabirds: gannets, puffins, guillemots, skuas. Soay sheep, which are unique to St Kilda, roam the island freely. It is not unusual to see seals and dolphins, basking sharks and on rare occasions we have seen minke and killer whales


To learn more about the wildlife of St Kilda please click here.

09. Can can children go to St Kilda?


​We recommend a minimum age of 10 years for children travelling with adults, as trips can be bumpy sometimes due to the speed of the vessel. 


10. How tough is the Trip if I have mobility issues?


The trip doesn't require too much in terms of mobility, however your main obstacle would be the transfer to village bay via tender. If you have any concerns about this please don't hesitate to email us at angus@kildacruises.co.uk or give us a call on 01859 502060, we're happy to answer any queries.

11. Camping on St Kilda


There is a camp site on St Kilda run by the National Trust for Scotland. You will have to get permission from them first before booking your transport. You can contact NTS here. Kilda Cruises can take you to St Kilda on one day, drop you off and take you back another day. The price will be £485 as we have to leave a seat for your return trip to Leverburgh.

12. Do you do trips to other islands?


During the summer, all of our scheduled trips are to St Kilda. We do however take private charters who want to see some of the other islands such as the Shiant Isles, Flannan Isles, Rona, Monach Isles. People have also chartered the boat for fishing trips in the past and during the Autumn we run Deep Sea Fishing trips.  


For more information please view the 'Trips' page.

13. Are pets allowed on St Kilda?


Due to the fragile animal and plant life of the islands, strictly no pets are allowed on the trips nor are they allowed on board the vessels. There are good kenneling facilities in Harris with experienced pet sitters. Please contact us for further information.