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The St Kilda group of islands looms from the Atlantic fifty miles west of Harris. As the remotest part of the British Isles they are a world apart from our everyday lives and one of the most important seabird colonies in Europe. The spectacular cliffs and sea stacks are a dream destination for ornithologists with puffin, fulmar, guillemot and of course gannets - the islands have the largest population in the world.


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Northern Gannet St Kilda
Boreray, St Kilda
School classroom, St Kilda
History of St Kilda

The extraordinary human history of St Kilda is carefully preserved in the Village with its neat little street of cottages. These are available for the visitor to explore as well as the Church, School and Feather Store. There is also a museum with a permanent exhibition of St Kildan life up to the poignant evacuation in 1930. From far longer ago, there are a number of interesting archaeological sites dotted around the islands which give an insight to a way of life in this incredibly inhospitable environment.


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Photo courtesy of the National Trust for Scotland

Boat Trips to St Kilda


These are weather dependent and run from Leverburgh, Harris.


7.45am - Passengers to arrive at Leverburgh Pier


8am- Depart Leverburgh, Harris 



10.45am (Approx) - Arrive St Kilda



Passengers are greeted by a National Trust for Scotland warden and are then free to explore the island at their leisure. Each passenger receives a map of Hirta detailing points of historical interest, and a suggested route to take for a tour on foot. The church, schoolroom and museum are available and well worth a visit to discover more about the unique way of life of the islanders.


3.30pm - Return to vessel for tea, coffee and fresh homebaking


4.00pm - Depart Village Bay for tour of the stacks and Boreray


We will also tour the towering stacks around the islands revealing the awe inspiring scale of the cliffs and the colonies of sea birds circling high above.


5.00pm -  Depart Boreray for Leverburgh



7.30pm (approx) Arrive at Leverburgh, Harris

*Remainder of the balance is payable on the vessel.


2024 price for the trip - £285 p/p / £255 p/p 14 and under

  1. To confirm your booking, a deposit of £100 per person is required which will be refunded if we are unable to undertake the trip due to adverse weather, etc.

  2. The remainder of the balance is payable on the day of the trip. Payments are taken on board the boat by card or cash.

  3. Please note that there is no catering available at St Kilda and passengers must bring food for the day. Tea and coffee are provided free of charge on board.

  4. Children are welcome on Kilda Cruises, however parents are reminded that St Kilda is one of the remotest locations in the country and are asked to exercise their own judgement. We do not recommend that children under 10 travel, but please contact us to discuss this if you are unsure.

  5. Dress in warm, waterproof clothing and wear suitable footwear for walking about the island, as the ground can be quite wet.

  6. Due to the fragile animal and plant life of the islands, strictly no pets allowed.


If you have any further queries please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. For any other information do not hesitate to contact us



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