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Pre-booking is essential. Reservations will only be confirmed on receipt of deposit. A deposit of £100 per person is required unless stated otherwise. The balance is due on the day of your trip. 


Kilda Cruises will take bookings for three trips a week. Two days are reserved for each passenger to allow for a 'back up day' in case of poor weather. Monday/Tuesday as the first reservation window, Wednesday/Thursday as the second and Friday/Saturday as the third. 


Kilda Cruises reserves the right to cancel any cruise where the minimum number of passengers is not reached. In such cases where there are insufficient passenger numbers, Kilda Cruises has a liability to the Customer to return the full amount of monies paid for the cruise. In the event of any emergency or event occurring preventing Kilda Cruises from operating the scheduled sailing then Kilda Cruises may, by returning all money paid and without further or other liability, cancel the booking.


Where the Customer cancels a reservation, refunds will be given under the following conditions: 


  • If notice of cancellation is given more than 84 hrs before departure: 90% refund.

  • If notice of cancellation is given less than 84 hrs before departure: 50% refund. 

If a passenger does not show up for their trip, their deposit is non-refundable and they will be liable for paying the remainder of the balance of the trip. If a passenger used a voucher for their booking, this will not be reusable. 

Passengers must call, 01859 502 060 / 07760281804 if cancelling their booking after doing their final confirmation of their trip. Kilda Cruises cannot guarantee they will see an email cancellation (out with office hours) and require verbal confirmation of the cancellation should the passenger wish a 50% refund.


For private boat charters / group bookings over 8:


  • If notice of cancellation is given more than 21 days before departure: 90% refund.

  • If notice of cancellation is given less than 21 days before departure: 50% refund.


3. REFUNDS IN CASE OF CANCELLED TRIP (due to extenuating circumstances)

In the case of a trip being cancelled the Customer is responsible for contacting Kilda Cruises to obtain a refund as Kilda Cruises does not keep card or bank details once a deposit has been paid. 


Gift vouchers are non-refundable. Gift vouchers paid for in full have no expiration date. Bookings made using a voucher must be completed over the phone or via email. In the case where Kilda Cruises cancels your trip, your voucher will be extended (if there is an expiration date) to be used again. If your voucher has expired we will generally extend the date. There could be a surcharge for this if trip prices have increased. Decisions will be made at the discretion of Kilda Cruises. 


All our trips are extremely subject to weather conditions. It is very important that contact is made with all passengers the night before the trip to confirm that the weather is suitable for the cruise. Therefore passengers are required to provide Kilda Cruises with a phone number for when you are in Harris. Kilda Cruises can be contacted on 01859 502060 or 07760 281804. On some occasions the decision on whether a trip will go or not will be left to the morning of the trip. 


Whilst Kilda Cruises gives advice on estimated departure time, journey time, and return time in good faith, because of operational factors beyond its control it does not guarantee the start or completion of any sailing in any specific time and will not accept any liability for any additional expense, cost, loss, delay or inconvenience caused by the actual times of the departure and return.





Hirta is fitted with the very lastest safety equipment and all of our crew members are fully trained and qualified to meet the requirements of Marine Safety Regulations.  




Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


All personal belongings and goods are brought and left on board the vessel at the passengers own risk. Kilda Cruises can accept no liability for loss, theft or damage from any cause unless such loss, theft or damage arises from the negligence of Kilda Cruises or its employees.



We recommend that you are insured against medical and personal accidental risks. All passengers undertake the trip at entirely their own risk. Passengers must disclose any illness, injuries or disabilities. Kilda Cruises cannot be held responsible (save where prescribed by statue) for any injuries, illness, loss of property, theft or damage occurring during a trip, whilst on any of the islands you may be landed on, or travelling to or from the sailing departure point. Safety is top priority at all times whilst at sea. All decisions regarding the running of the vessel and the safety and wellness of passengers are taken by the skipper. The skipper's decision is final in all matters.  

Departure times are as stated for your chosen trip, however, all other timings for the duration of your trip are approximate and very occasionally, can be slightly later than stated. Kilda Cruises cannot be help responsible for any additional costs incurred or inconvenience caused due to timings not running as stated.


Passengers must be alert to all safety notices displayed on the vessel and to announcements made on the vessel and comply with all proper requests of the Skipper and Crew. All passengers are required to wear a life jacket at all times whilst on the vessel and conduct themselves in a manner that does not put themselves and others at risk of harm. 


The owner will only use any individual information obtained from the customer lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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