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Kilda Cruises Birthday Crew

This season was Kilda Cruises 10th and we decided to throw a little nautical themed soirée in our office to celebrate it.

Local friends, families and businesses were invited along to join us in enjoying cocktails, cupcakes and canapées. Cocktails sea-themed of course; 'Dark and Stormy', 'Sea Breeze' and 'Cabin Coolers' being the main beverages for the evening.

Our nautical theme included an underwater photo booth with some fun props. Modelled expertly by our crewmen Kiki and Malky below...

A 'Stac' cake with a mini 'Orca III' Vessel in the choppy seas surrounding it, modelled by Angus's daughter Alice who is only 10 years old!! Think Mary Berry better watch out...

The nights revellers enjoying a cocktail or two, or three.....

St Kildas self-dubbed 'widows'. Seamus Morrison's (Sea Harris) wife, Anna and Angus's wife, Christina. They look pretty cheerful about it here....

Angus and Christina had a fantastic evening celebrating with everyone. They are so very grateful for all the local support of the business and of course to all the past and future passengers.

The clean up of the sticky office the next day....was not quite as much fun as the party, we will maybe need to wait another 10 years till the next one!!

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